Friday, February 5, 2010

Play Pokemon Sapphire Online Free On Java Where Can I Play Pokemon, Red, Blue, Yellow, Ruby, Or Sapphire Online For Free And Be Able To Save/resume It?

Where can I play Pokemon, red, blue, yellow, ruby, or sapphire online for free and be able to save/resume it? - play pokemon sapphire online free on java

I'm online places where I can play, but I can not save the game and come back. Help?


zzz.slee... said...

Download Visual Boy Advance (here)

Downloading a ROM (core GBC, GBA is really hard to find and save only rarely. _.)

To use the ROM (which is like a stick) VBA Open and select the ROM file. To save your progress, the game normally and in the game. If you are out of the game. Sav (backup file) is written.

UNDER Change type (usually for GBA ROMs, which are stored in 128K required)
Go to Options / Emulator / Save the type

GBC Roms only 64kb

How to speed, SLOW GAME! It is out of control!
Options / frameskip / Throttle (I recommend about 90% for Roma CBG)
I recommend to Options / Emulator / Accelerate Toggle for GBA games run very slowly.

Arghh! What clues are what?
Joypad / configure joypad

Emulator / real time clock (with your laptop, computer clock, clock) should exchange rates be used for GBA games!

I want to cheat?
Tips / Tricks list. Works with Game Shark / CodeBreakers. ;) Select the Enable check box. Tips Internet search, the name of the game and Gameshark or Codebreaker. A master code is the master code is required to run the other codes.

mtweezy said...

Charge would be a program called Visual Boy Advanced and Game Download Pokemon Roms page is a good EMUPARADISE.COM

Emulators and roms THATS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

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